Core Banking

Many banks today run on complex and inflexible systems created over two decades ago that have exhausted their ROI. Banks need to urgently upgrade their legacy systems and adopt Core Banking to meet changing customer needs.

CBS - Core Banking Solution is a next generation banking platform designed to help Private Banks, State Cooperative Banks, District Cooperative Banks (DCCB), Regional Rural Banks (RRB) and Urban Cooperative Banks (UCB) face today's challenges. A comprehensive, integrated component based framework catering to all needs of modern Cooperative Banks and Regional Rural Banks.

CBS is a perfect solution providing efficiency, speed, security, reliability,scalability and power. It is a feature-rich solution that addresses end-to-end needs of theBanks. It thoroughly satisfies the pin-to-plane needs of these enterprises from theperspectives of quick deployment besides maintenance. With CBS you canavail 24X7 processing of large transactions with the highest levels of availability. It has multipledelivery channel support to reach new customers and market segments. CBSis a powerful user- friendly web enabled and centrally hosted application that can beaccessed anywhere with a browser. Its sophisticated security management systems,covers application security and role based access and user definition.


       Retail & Corporate process
      Browser based application
      Product and Business configurator
      Customer cube (KYC norms)
      Share accounts management
      Bulk Account opening
      Current account management
      Deposit management
      Loans & Advances management
      Instrument management
      Locker Management
      Insurance Collection
      Cash Management
      Inter Branch reconciliation
      Financial Accounting System
      Asset Liability Management