Data Archival

In today world organizations are struggling with the growth in data that is accumulating in business applications which increases regulatory requirements for greater data retention and it becomes clear that there is a greater need than ever for effective data archiving solutions

Data Archiving is used to improve the performance of production enterprise applications by relocating active and inactive data from the production database and this enables organizations to efficiently store, manage and easily discover and retrieve information as needed for business.

   BridgeMinds Data Archiving
    Data archiving is safely and efficiently implemented for critical application data, enables IT seamless access to data and enhancing them deliver it to business holders as needed easily and cost effectively.
     Data Archiving helps safely retire legacy applications and mainframes while maintaining easy access to archived data.
     Data Archiving helps support compliance by enabling faster and more efficient responses to audit
     Data Archiving improve the application response time and performance of databases
     Data Archival reduce costs associated with storage, database licenses, or data center space