Informatica's PowerCenter Express
"More Data, Better Tools, More Opportunity"

PowerCenter Express is Informatica's market-leading data integration (ETL Tool) and in-line data profiling right-sized for smaller projects. PowerCenter Express can be installed in few minutes and start moving the data, from relational databases, flat files, XML, even unstructured and social media data from sources like Twitter and Facebook.

PowerCenter Express offers unparalleled ease-of-use in an ETL tool with a no-coding graphical user interface. Embedded "cheat sheets" mean that even if user is not an expert at data integration user will be able to integrate the data needed and learn best practices.

In-line data profiling - user won't need to switch tools to understand the quality of the data bringing in. PowerCenter Express combines an ETL tool, with a data profiling tool and it can drill-in right there data working.

 Bridge Minds - Informatica - PC Express

Informatica PowerCenter Express ETL tool features :

      Fast, click-through installation.
     No coding, easy-to-use graphical design and development.
      Embedded cheat sheets within the ETL tool will help to do common and not-so-common data integration tasks.
      A full range of data transformations.
      Workflow tools to create complex, multi-step transformations.
      Mid-stream data viewer to test and understand the impact of transformations at every step.
      The connectivity need to connect to: relational databases, flatfiles, ODBC, JDBC, XML, social media sources,
Web services and unstructured data.
     In-line data profiling: unlimited column and rule-based data profiling.
     High-performance data integration engine.
     Management and monitoring with a central administration console to view the status of the integration jobs in the ETL tool.
  Metadata-driven: ETL tool includes a metadata repository that stores metadata about data sources, mappings, transformations and workflows. This makes your data integration infrastructure agile, so if something changes in the ETL tool, only need to change that one element, not the entire data integration.