Fixed Asset Solution

Fixed Asset is property acquired by an organization for use in its operation and having an estimated life.It is essential to reflect this extended benefit of the fixed asset and reduction in its value due to depreciation (consumption in business) while computing the profit or loss of the organization.

   BridgeMinds Fixed Asset Life Cycle

       Asset Classification
      Moveable and Non-Moveable assets purchase, sale transfer, damage, repair, write off
      Depreciation Calculation
      Maintain Historical and current cost of assets
      Tracking of particular asset history
      Maintain for audit and verification guide
      Fixed assets schedules and records
      Assets revaluation
      Allows location transfer
      Maintain Fixed Asset details
      Maintain Asset Category
      Manage location details
      Fixation of Life cycle
      AMC and Service
      Insurance - claims and settlements
      Agreements lease and rent
      MIS Report